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Linux Beginner Search - Google Linux
Linux Beginners Search Engine - joelwest
Linux Mint Forum Search

Linux Journal
Linux Today
2015 Members Choice Awards 
Linux continues to rule supercomputers | ZDNet
Interactive Timeline of the History of Linux
Ubuntu security notices

Linux Distros

Distrowatch - distros for old computers
How to Choose the Best Linux Desktop
Desktop environments - ArchWiki
Comparison of Linux distributions - Wikipedia
Linux Versions family tree - cyberciti
Linux Versions family tree - futurist
50 linux distros to replace Windows XP (2014)
5 Linux distributions for very old computers « Everyday Linux User (2014)
Memory Comparison of Light Linux Desktops
Linux Lite OS (xfce)
Puppy Linux
Peppermint 7
Knoppix Documentation Wiki
Bodhi Linux - Guide to Enlightenment
Slackware Linux Essentials

Linux Mint
Linux Mint Donations
Linux Mint Blog
Linux Mint Community
Linux Mint User Guide
bug reports · linuxmint/Cinnamon · GitHub
Linux Mint Repository Index
Cinnamon 2.0 available for Linux Mint 13 in Petra backports
Clem Lefevre explains Mint's Update Manager Levels
Complete starters' guide for Linux Mint and Ubuntu - easylinuxtipsproject
Linux Mint All-In-One DVD - all Mint Desktops on one DVD
Ubuntu security notices

Kokora - DistroWatch
Korora Project overview
Korora Forum - Engage


Linux Mint Forums
Linux Mint Forums - How To Get Help!
How to: Properly use IRC for Mint
2015 Members Choice Awards
Ubuntu Forums
Ask Ubuntu
Ubuntu Questions -
Korora forum - Engage
JustLinux forum
openSUSE Forums
SolydXK forums - SolydX and SolydK are Debian based distributions with the Xfce and KDE desktop.
SeaMonkey • mozillaZine Forums
Peppermint OS Community Forum    OLD Peppermint Forum
CentOS • View forum - CentOS 5
Puddletag forum - Support

Tips and Tutorials


Tutorials - Linux Mint Community
Nixie Pixel - YouTube
Linux Questions Wiki - Tutorials
IBM's Learn Linux, 101 Tutorials
Keyboard Shortcuts for the GNOME Desktop - Linux Mint Community
Netflix on LinuxMint 17 Cinnamon
Time and Date codes - strftime - Manual
Ascii Art Editor | Alt Codes
How (and why) to surf the web in secret | PCWorld
Glossary of technology terms - AfterDawn
Javascript Password Strength Meter | [The place for open source wisdom.]
Password Strength Checker
TUTORIALES: Un índice - en Español (Spanish)
Blog de apuntes de Hatteras - en Español (Spanish)


How to use GDB to gather debug information on a program
Linux Mint 18 journal / system log primer (systemd) - by xenopeek
Ubuntu Community Help Wiki
Trouble Shooting Guide - Ubuntu Community Wiki
SUSE Help and Troubleshooting
Pimp up the touchpad of your notebook - MagicMint
Using firejail as security sandbox for your programs - by xenopeek
Run your web browser in a secure sandbox (Firejail)
Use Trickle to limit bandwidth for downloads or programs


Is my hardware Linux-compatible?
Linux Hardware - excellent site
Linux Hardware Compatibility Links -
Hardware For Linux database news
Hardware for linux database -
Hardware Compatibility Database -
Linux Hardware Compatibility Database -
PassMark - Computer Performance Comparison
Debian GNU/Linux device driver check & report
BIOS Access Keys for Computer Systems (Lenovo, Sony, HP, Dell, etc.)

CPU Information

AMD A8-3850 2.9GHz Quad-Core Processor (AD3850WNGXBOX) - PCPartPicker
Compatible Motherboards for Intel CPU's
PassMark - Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.00GHz - Price performance comparison
Lists of microprocessors - Wikipedia
Best CPU Performance List - user ratings
Intel Processor Feature Search
Control CPU/laptop overheating - TLP - advanced power management for Linux
CPU Performance Reviews & Articles for Linux [Phoronix]

Hard drives

Check a hard drive for bad sectors and errors the easy way
PassMark Software - Hard Drive Naming Conventions and benchmarks
PassMark Hard Drive Value Chart - Performance / Price of Hard Drives
Seagate Drive test CD - Download
Solid-state Drive Reviews and Ratings
How to optimize your SSD for Linux Mint 18, Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian - Easy Linux Tips
Smartmontools and GSmartControl - Community Ubuntu Documentation
SSD optimization - Linux Mint Forums - by xenopeek


Printer List | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation
Printers | Linux Hardware - includes tips on installation
Connecting to CUPS Administration @ http://localhost:631
http://localhost:631/printers/ - installed printer management
SANE - Installing a scanner that isn't auto-detected - Community Help Wiki
SANE: Supported Devices


GParted -- Live CD
GParted - Full tutorial -
GParted -- GParted Manual
How to Resize Your Ubuntu Partitions - - good GParted screenshots
How to Partition - Ubuntu Community Documentation
Drives And Partitions tutorials - Ubuntu Community Documentation
How to Resize Windows Partitions - Ubuntu Community Documentation
MiniTool Partition Wizard (for Windows)
How to fix a mangled partition table using TestDisk
How to fix partition alignment with Gparted
Partition Alignment for SSD - Thomas-Krenn-Wiki
Repair for "Missing Partitions" in GParted -
LVM tutorial

Partitioning - GPT

GPT partitions - the basics - by Roderick Smith
Converting to or from GPT - by Roderick Smith
A gdisk Walkthrough - by Roderick Smith
Choosing between GPT and MBR - ArchWiki

Mounting Partitions

Mounting USB drives - Ubuntu Wiki
Introduction to fstab
HOWTO: Create & Use a Separate DATA Partition - by gold_finger
Create a /data partition with symlinks - by xenopeek
HowTo: Using Bind to Remount Part of a Partition - by altair4
HOWTO: Create a separate /home partition after installation - Community Ubuntu Documentation
How to Create a Separate Home Partition After Installing Ubuntu -

Booting ISO's & multiboot

Booting the Linux Mint ISO

How to install Linux Mint via USB - by Clem Lefevre
How To Boot a Mint .iso From Your Hard Drive - with no DVD or USB - Linux Mint Community - by austin.texas
Install with no cd and no usb boot? SOLVED - grml-rescueboot - by austin.texas
grml-rescueboot [GrmlWiki]
SuperGrub2 CD - an excellent tool that everyone should have
HOWTO: Boot & Install Ubuntu from the Grub Rescue Prompt

Multiboot programs

Boot multiple ISO's with the SuperGrub2 CD - by austin.texas
MultiSystem installation (Lunux Mint Forum) - by austin.texas
How to make an Easy2Boot (grub4dos) USB Flash drive using linux
SARDU Create Bootable USB or dvd -

Booting ISO's with Grub2

How to create a USB which boots multiple .iso files using Grub2 - by austin.texas
Grub2 multiboot USB - arch wiki
Grub2/ISOBoot - Ubuntu Documentation
HOWTO: Boot & Install Ubuntu from the Grub Rescue Prompt
How to Create a EFI/UEFI GRUB2 Multiboot USB drive to boot ISO images
How to create UEFI-only bootable USB live media? - Ask Ubuntu
Create a UEFI-only Ubuntu USB drive With Windows


Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way - Windows
UNetbootin frugal/full install on HDD (without USB) - by wayne128
Boot the Mint iso from the HDD using UNetbootin in Windows - Raffye Memon's Blog
How to make an Easy2Boot (grub4dos) USB Flash drive using Windows

Create a live Mint USB with persistence

[Tutorial] Create a Live Mint USB with persistence over 4GB (using MultiSystem) - by Laurent85
How to create a live Mint USB with a persistent partition (using UNetbootin)

OS installation

Linux Mint

Linux Mint Documentation / User Guides
How to upgrade Linux Mint to a newer release - by Clem Lefevre
How to Upgrade from Linux Mint 17.3 to Linux Mint 18
How to install with manual partitioning - by xenopeek
Install Linux Mint 17 Dual Boot With Windows - (non-UEFI) - - Excellent Tutorial
How to install with Manual partitioning (dual boot) - Easy Linux Tips Project
▶ Installing Linux Mint to existing partitions - YouTube
▶ How to install Linux Mint dual boot with Windows 10 (non-UEFI)- YouTube
Linux Mint videos by USBTux - YouTube
Top things to do first in Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon - Easy Linux Tips Project
Tutorial: Install in Legacy mode to GPT Partitions - by austin.texas
How to check the sha256sum to verify a downloaded Linux Mint ISO - austin.texas
A script to check the sha256sum on a Linux Mint ISO - austin.texas
Do I need Swap? - SwapFaq

Other linux OS's

Ubuntu Minimal CD - mini-iso
openSUSE Documentation
Fedora (and Korora) Installation Guide
Fedora's Anaconda installer: A hands-on screenshot walkthrough
Upgrading to Fedora 24 - DNF system upgrade


Turn "Fast Startup" Off in Windows 8
Installation and setup of Linux Mint in Windows VMware Player.pdf
How to install Windows in VirtualBox in Linux - Easy Linux Tips Project
Oracle VM VirtualBox® User Manual
How to Download Windows 10, 7, 8, and 8.1 Install Media — Legally

UEFI installations

UEFI boot: how does that work?
What's Your Boot Mode? UEFI?
The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, UEFI - ArchWiki
UEFI - Community Help Wiki
[TUTORIAL] Installing Mint on a Windows 8/8.1 UEFI Computer - gold_finger
How to configure your Windows 8 or 10 computer for dual boot with Linux - Easy Linux Tips Project
How to dual-boot Linux Mint 17.2 and Windows with UEFI - includes screenshots
▶ How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux Mint - YouTube) - Shows partition changes and installation of EasyBCD.
How to dual-boot Linux Mint 17.2, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 on a UEFI system, with manual partitioning -
Dual boot tutorial: Windows 8 + Ubuntu 14.04 - Dedoimedo
How I Dual-booted Linux Mint alongside Windows 10 on a UEFI system -
Converting Ubuntu into EFI

UEFI troubleshooting - rEFInd

Bad UEFI computers - mjg59
EFI Boot Loaders for Linux - rEFind -
Installing rEFInd -
Troubleshooting UEFI boot -
rEFInd Discussion on - by Roderick W. Smith


GRUB 2 bootloader - Full tutorial -
Booting from the Grub prompt -
Recover from a failed Linux boot - by Roderick W. Smith
Installing Grub for LVM / encrypted systems
Create a Windows entry in GRUB2
How to Create a Windows 8 Recovery USB Flash Drive in 5 minutes - fixedByVonnie
[Tutorial] Reinstall GRUB2 on UEFI - dedoimedo
how to re-install GRUB on UEFI - easylinuxtips
How to repair the EFI Bootloader in Windows 8 - fixedByVonnie


Oibaf and Xorg-Edgers - for the latest open source graphics drivers
18-Way GPU Linux Benchmarks -
Get AMD drivers on Mint 18 [ONLY FOR R7, R9, OR RX CARDS]
Solve boot problems with AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards - by xenopeek
Installing Broadcom Wireless Drivers
Nvidia Optimus on Linux - Bumblebee
Fixing the black screen after grub boot-up (screen/video settings mismatch) - Linux Mint Community
computer boots to a black screen - Ask Ubuntu
setting screen brightness - by JeremyB
Making screen brightness keys work on an Acer laptop



The 5-Minute Essential Shell Tutorial - Great intro for beginners
An A-Z Index of the Bash command line - basic commands with examples
Linux Commands In Structured Order
Commands Alphabetically - LQWiki - excellent, comprehensive tutorial
Command Line Crash Course
Introduction to the Command Line - - easy to read and very comprehensive. - match command-line arguments to their help text - Command Interpreter
Don't Fear The Command Line: Unix, Linux, and BSD: Command Line Cheat Sheet
Introduction to the Command Line - online book
Man pages -
Man pages for every command you can think of -
Computer Hope site map
All the Best Linux Cheat Sheets
CLI command cheat sheet
Linux chown Command Change Owner | Beginner Linux Tutorial
wget command help and examples -
chmod tutorial -
Linux chmod Command | Beginner Linux Tutorial


linux-bible Linux tutorial for beginners and advanced
IBM's Learn Linux, 101: The Linux command line
Linux Commands - A practical reference Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts.
Command Line and Bash Resources - Ubuntu Documentation Links Page
Pacman Rosetta - ArchWiki - commands for different OS's    apt-get command    find command
Linux Command Line | Basic, Advanced, Useful commands
Linux: Init Process and PC Boot Procedure
How to use gsettings
RootSudo/sudoers- Ubuntu Documentation Writing shell scripts.
Linux commands APT howto, examples, in English
Disable Keyring? Linux Mint Forums
fix root password - karlchen
Resetting your user password
Reset user password - Linux Mint Community
How to add user to sudoers
sudo and PolicyKit » ADMIN Magazine

Software / Programs

How to install software on Linux Mint - by xenopeek
Software Portal - Linux Mint Community
Cinnamon panel applets
Configurable-Menu for Cinnamon · GitHub
UbuntuUpdates - Ubuntu Packages Alphabetical List
Ubuntu Apps Directory - Software for Ubuntu 16.04
Softpedia linux software search
How to close a program that has frozen. - Linux Mint Community
Synaptic Tutorial - Ubuntu Documentation
Chrome Browser download
YouTube HTML5 test
YouTube to MP3 Converter - Chrome, Firefox and Opera Addons
Seamonkey Ubuntuzilla home page
SeaMonkey: Documentation & Help
How to install the SeaMonkey Suite in Debian
Phorum | Open Source PHP and MySQL Forum Software
Using FileZilla Wiki
Audacity Manual
HomeBank User Manual
Get started with HomeBank | TuxRadar Linux
finances with HomeBank
Personal Budget Template — LibreOffice Templates
▶ How to enlarge an image in GIMP using "Canvas Size" function. - YouTube gmc85
Make a simple wooden texture in The Gimp
Grokking the GIMP - Learning Advanced Image Editing Techniques - very comprehensive manual
User Tutorials | - Gimp , tutorials , brushes , downloads, forum.
Batch image conversion - with Gimp, XnViewMP, or Gwenview - by phd21
OpenShot Video Editor Manual – v1.3.0


Cloning partitions with GParted -- GParted Manual
10 Easy Ways to Restore a Linux System
Backup Programs Chart- ArchWiki
Grsync backups of root and /home - by austin.texas
My custom scripts to transfer my configuration to a new installation - by austin.texas
FSArchiver Tutorial - by austin.texas
FSArchiver - QuickStart
qt4-fsarchiver tutorial -by viking777
How to copy a Mint installation and boot it - by Old Ruler
rsync tutorial and automating backups with chron shell scripting
rsync command help and examples
The new and definite CloneZilla tutorial - Dedoimedo
How to Use Clonezilla Tutorial
Redo Backup for Windows or Linux
Refracta - clone your OS to a USB drive or DVD
Mint Backup Tool pdf
Timeshift OS backup and cloning
Introducing Aptik backup - simplify re-installation of packages and software sources
Aptik - Restore Your Favourite Apps, PPAs On a Fresh Install

Remastering the OS to DVD

Remaster Linux Mint with squashfstools
Burning a DVD via Terminal using "growisofs" - Mint Community
How to create a custom Linux Mint live cd/dvd
LiveCDCustomization - Community Help Wiki
How to make a live CD/DVD from your harddisk installation
SolydXK forums - SolydXK Constructor
os4systemimage - System imager based on remastersys
Customizer - Live CD remastering tool GUI
PCLinuxOS mylivecd - makes an exact copy of your system and creates a LiveCD ISO.

Cloud storage
water_panel4 - 15GB free online storage 20gb free online cloud file storage and encryption - 50GB free - The best place to store https forum avatar images. - free image storage - free image storage - Allows resize of graphics during upload - free image storage
Google Groups Help
Google Sites Help

Wireless and network

linux compatible USB dongles - by Spearmint2
TP-LINK TL-WN881ND Wireless N Adapter works great with Mint 17
Linux Network Configuration
Open Port Check Tool
wifi not working after suspend - by PatH57
Re-wake the disappeared Wlan connection - by administrollaattori
Fix for RTL8192 usb wireless 11n AND OTHERS - by The-Wizard
How to install a driver for the Broadcom PCI wireless cards - by chili555
Installing Broadcom Wireless Drivers (Updated November 17, 2015) -


HowTo: Simple File Sharing in Mint - by altair4
Samba File Sharing - Mint forum - by altair4
HowTo: Samba Browsing Problems Checklist - by altair4
HowTo: Installing Samba Server in Mint 18 (no longer installed by default) - by altair4
Mounting Samba Shares using CIFS - by altair4
HowTo: Using Gigolo to Mount Remote Samba Shares - by altair4
HowTo: Network Printer Sharing - by altair4
Samba - ArchWiki
The Official Samba 3.5.x HOWTO and Reference Guide
Linux Mint Easy Desktop File Sharing with Nemo
How to Share Files Between Windows and Linux computers


howto:xfwm4_theme [Xfce Wiki]
Cinnamon and GTK Themes: The Basics
Spice Up Your Cinnamon Themes
How to install new themes for xfce
eyecandy Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog

Themes downloads

Dryad Theme my Google site
Dryad by hexdef101 on deviantART
Dryad Cinnamon Theme
hexdef101 on deviantART
Linux Mint Artwork, Themes, Wallpapers
Packages in “equinox” themes and icons PPA
ClicknScroll: Cinnamon Themes
Burnt Orange Longhorn theme - Spices : Cinnamon
Burnt Orange Longhorn Theme
GTK themes - latest -
amd64 build of wood-theme 1.0~oneiric : Ubuntu GTK3/GTK2 Themes
Wood Theme For GTK
Western Saloon theme cinnamon-spices
Ambiance Crunchy themes
Windows for Linux theme - nooslab
Themes Collection for Ubuntu 13.10/Linux Mint (GTK + Gnome Shell + Cinnamon)
GTK themes -
zonColor themes and icons package - Noobs on Ubuntu, Mint and Debian, HD Wallpapers, Tutorials
Cinnamon themes deviantART
Ambiance Crunchy theme for Cinn 2.0
Gtk 3.x Themes
CircleGame theme gtk2
Cinnamon themes
Royal-Linux Themes and Icons - Noobs on Ubuntu, Mint and Debian, HD Wallpapers, Tutorials
GnomishBeige by ~tsujan on deviantART
MintyGreen austintexas
Minty themes (pack) Minty-Orange) and Pistachio (GTK + Xfce + Cinnamon) - Noobs
~samriggs Old Steampunk 3.4 Gnome shell theme by cbowman57 on deviantART
GTK2 theme - Woody
Dropbox - Cinnamon Theming Stuff gmc85
A-18-Wood theme (for Elementary)

Cinnamon Theme Editing

Linux Mint Forums • View topic - How To Theme The Cinnamon Taskbar Panel Icons and Applets
Linux Mint Forums • View topic - How to create/edit a Cinnamon theme
Linux Mint Forums - How To Theme The Cinnamon Main Menu Colors
My Google Site Files - CinnamonThemes
Themes for Cinnamon 2.4 ← clem
How to make a Cinnamon theme by Clem
Cinnamon 1.8 Themes Certification ← Segfault
cinnamon.css - brief tutorial « FAQforge
Box-shadow, one of CSS3′s best new features - CSS3 . Info
Box Shadow Generator | CSS3 Generator | CSS3Gen
CSS3 box-shadow property - w3schools
What are Em and Rem? | Design Shack
The Lengths of CSS | CSS-Tricks
padding | CSS-Tricks
box-shadow | CSS-Tricks
Code Snippets | CSS-Tricks PX to EM conversion made simple.
Cinnamon menu editing - roblm

GTK Theme Editing

Making GTK3 themes – Part 1: Basics | woGue
Linux Mint Forums • View topic - Help with theme colors (gtk)
GTK+ 3 Reference Manual: Settings
Tutorials/GtkThemes - GNOME Wiki!
MetacityThemes - GNOME Wiki!
GnomeArt/Tutorials/MetacityThemes - GNOME Live!
Linux Mint Forums • Brahim - How to create your own GTK3 theme
How to create a basic GTK3 theme on Linux Mint - Linux Mint Community
GnomeArt/Tutorials - GNOME Wiki!
GnomeArt/Tutorials/UsefulLinks - GNOME Wiki!
GTK2 Widget Hierarchy

Themes - Colors

#07a4d1 Color Hex
#48d3ff Color Hex - pretty blue
Color Chart CSS websafe Colors - w3scholls
complementary color picker
rgb color selector Tryit Editor v1.8
Gnome Color Chooser Guide - ArchWiki
How to Customize Fonts and Colors for Gnome Panels in Ubuntu Linux | Linux Help
Web Color Chart - Hexadecimal - by VisiBone
Web Color Chart - Decimal - by VisiBone
BEST ! Hex color matching with rgb - enter hex at top
HTML color chart and codes
RGB-to-Hex Color Converter
Color Names
Hex-to-RGB Color Converter
Draac.Com's Hex Color Chart
Draac.Com's Color Converter
500+ Named Colours with rgb and hex values
Burnt Orange ColorCombo238 with Hex Color #CF5300
Gpick manual

Themes - Graphics

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator -
CSS Backgrounds and Borders Module Level 3
Clown Fish Cafe: Create a Textured Background Using Color Functions and Bump Maps
Wood Pattern Background | Graphic Web Backgrounds
15+ Free Backgrounds | Freebies
Textured Backgrounds FantasyStock's deviantART Gallery
Texas Longhorns Desktop Wallpaper, Browser Themes & More!
Dolphin ahead of the wave wallpaper
Island with trees Desktop wallpapers 1400x1050
Guitar wallpapers and images - download wallpapers, pictures, photos
Roswell_Mint_Vivid_by_Zwopper.png (1131×707)
Roswell_Mint_KDE_Vivid_by_Zwopper.png (1131×707)
Mint_Mercury_by_Zwopper.png (1131×707)
Mint___Glass_and_Metal_by_Zwopper.png (1131×707)
Mint___Playing_With_Light__KDE_by_Zwopper.png (1131×707)
Mint_Splash3_K_by_Zwopper.png (1032×774)
Mystic_Blue_Mint_by_Zwopper.png (1131×707)

Google Chrome Themes

WoodWall - My Chrome Theme
Linux Mint - My Chrome Theme
Rainy Day Blues - My Chrome Theme
Rainy Day Blues | Google Chrome Themes
My Chrome Themes
Create Custom Google Chrome Themes Online -
Google Chrome Theme Tutorial
Theme Creation Guide - chromium - Google Project Hosting
Packaging Extensions for Google Chrome
Chrome Theme Reference - Google Drive
Deathly Hallows Hogwarts | Google Chrome Themes
spring | Google Chrome Themes
forest paradise | Google Chrome Themes
Circle around the Sunset | Google Chrome Themes
Jumping Dolphin | Google Chrome Themes
Autumn Night | Google Chrome Themes
Light Green Chrome Theme
chrome theme- gtk - Linux Mint Forum

HTML resources

border-image-generator 2
Add comments to any web page instantly
Add Comments to Website
excellent !!! HTML Text Box Generator
bordeux/HTML-5-WYSIWYG-Editor · GitHub - online editor
Website Comment Box Script
Website Comment Box Widget Help